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We acknowledge that Enterprise Vertical Software requires the right blend of technology and industry-specific knowledge.

With 35+ years leading the Maritime Software industry -trusted by hundreds of Organizations globally- We have proved that 
DANAOS is the right partner for your digital transformation journey providing end-to-end Vertical Solutions, customizable and fully supported.

Empowered by DANAOS legacy and as members of the same purpose-built solution’s concept, we are specialists in a world of ‘vanilla’ technology generalists, aiming to Digitally Disrupt the world of Construction, Engineering and Facility Management.

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About DANAOS Projects

Attaining DANAOS pedigree and mindset, DANAOS Projects is an international ConTech and PropTech Vertical Software Provider that pioneers in Digital Construction and FSM software, providing real answers to Cost Control and Resources optimization along with Field Service Management, Asset Management, Workforce Management, Ticketing and Project Documentation.

Vision and Purpose

Our Vision is to industrialize Construction & FSM processes so that Companies can operate efficiently as Master Planners, Contractors and Operators. Our Purpose  -Our True North- is to become the One-and-Only Solutions Integrator that will standardize end-to-end, construction to operations, enhancing Projects Performance and increasing the assets’ operational lifespan. 

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As profit margins lower all the time and competition becomes stiffer, companies need to have overall control over Cost. They need to know their armamentarium of available Resources.  They need operational EfficiencyDANAOS Projects Software drives inefficiency and uncertainty out of Companies by increasing operational margins and winning more projects. Our unique value proposition for each engineering sector will help you re-imagine how technology is adapted and change how operations are conducted and managed in an efficient manner

ProjectVIEW ERP and DANAOS VORTEX constitute DANAOS Value Proposition
for the Life Cycle Cost Management of the ConTech and PropTech value-chain under the principle of Unified Engineering, an integrated Whole-life costing process in which construction, operation and maintenance are considered as a whole














More than 20 years ago, we envisioned a software that will align, unify, manage, standardize and control all construction activities and resources expended onsite along with engineering and administrative processes in the office. A comprehensive Commercial, Operational and Financial suite of modules for Vertical and Horizontal Construction that will bring real-time awareness, increase your projects’ pipeline and control the Fixed-Price/LS contracting overruns, extending to complexity and high-risk of megaprojects such as: transportation works, large MEP, Build–Operate–Transfer (BOT) and Public-Private Partnership (PPP – P3s) infrastructure projects.

ProjectVIEW ERP is the industry’s only enterprise-ready Cost Control and Projects Performance Management Platform. A complete business suite for Agile Construction. A Construction_OS that assists Contractors in estimating, bidding, executing and operating efficiently, Demarcating Uncertainty, Sizing the Risk and Securing the Profit.

You cannot rely only on a scheduling software to manage a project! (Rita Mulcahy’s PMP® Exam Prep). Abandon legacy ‘spaghetti systems’ and spreadsheet misery, today! Wipe the slate clean and start using ProjectVIEW ERP within few months.

The unified construction software platform that can be fully customized to your needs. The only solution that seamlessly  integrates BoQ Code LInes with Oracle Primavera and any BIM system, providing real-time [Actual vs Budgeted Cost]. 

For information on ProjectVIEW ERP  please contact:
Mr. Angelos Nomikos

O: +30 2104196609

Marine Engineering

As the No. 1 maritime software solutions provider, DANAOS addresses the full spectrum of operations of Ship Ownership and Management including Naval and Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding, Retrofitting, Ship Fit-Out and Ship Repair Services.

Either as a Shipowner or as a Shipbuilder/Shipyard our Software provides full visibility and control during the ship building manufacturing or corrective maintenance processes of a vessel, reference to cost control, compliance with the specifications and scheduled progress, assuring quality of the as-built asset and successful marine project management.

Our software also covers expedient ship-repairing, mechanical, conversion, outfitting and marine services executed by expert workshops, assessing initial cost of works and facilitating tracking of spares as well as optimizing execution of the daily tasks, allowing yard supervisors to monitor technicians and costs.

Our Software is ideal for large and medium-sized Shipyards and Marine Engineering Companies in terms of controlling the cost of works and managing the production timelines of the marine asset.

For information on our full suite of Maritime Solutions  please contact:
Mr. Christos Emmanouilidis
O: +30 2104196607
sales@danaos-projects.com  and visit: www.danaos.gr 

Facility Mgt. and Assets Maintenance

We perceive Facility Management and Asset Maintenance Management as a conjunction of Workforce Mobility and Maintenance Management. One system that orchestrates Asset and Operations Performance Management.

DANAOS VORTEX is a comprehensive Field Service and Asset Management Suite, a CAFM system, that includes 4 ecosystems: 1) Backoffice Operations, 2) Workforce/Mobile Operations, 3) Subcontractors and 4) Clients’ Trouble Ticketing and Reporting.

DANAOS VORTEX‘s four ecosystems facilitate contract management with daily task optimization for the dispatcher, management of Client’s preventive and corrective maintenance, assets management and workforce readiness whilst assuring Quality of Service for the end-Client.

DANAOS VORTEX integrated with GIS (spatial data infrastructure) and/or Building Automation – IoT systems is ideal for modern Infrastructure Operators and Capital Projects Concessionaires such as: Motorways Operators, Providers of Public Services or Airport Managers that require serviceability and restoration for extending the service-life of the Constructed Assets and high standards on Public Service Delivery Management, assuring safer and more reliable services to the end-users.

Beyond DANAOS VORTEX for Field Service Management, our offering can be bundled with DANAOS CRM, Commercial Management and Project Management, ideally suited for all types of engineering-technical services companies

For information on our full suite of DANAOS VORTEX Solutions  please contact:
Ms. Elisavet Pantelaki

M: +971 568466556
pm@danaos-projects.com and visit: www.danaos-vortex.ae


We are constantly iterating, solving problems by testing and applying innovative DANAOS cutting-edge technologies from the Maritime Industry into Construction and FSM, assuring adaptability and agility.

Using historic information, current data and heuristic algorithms we are able to create What-If and What-Will Scenarios where users are able to scrutinize numbers, create hypothetical scenarios and see -in detail- the effect of global changes on different levels of each Project. Based on DANAOS WAVES, the 2015 Lloyds List Big Data Award Winner, ProjectVIEW BI (part of ProjectVIEW ERP Core Module) is a data management and business analytics tool that assists managers in the decision-making process,  providing personalized dashboards that match the profile of each User while enhancing Situational Awareness and remove unnecessary “data-noise’ at all stages of the Project .

Connect heterogeneous databases and data-files to enable decisions based on all information available. Our BI tool is part of  ProjectVIEW ERP – Core Module assisting our Clients during the Bidding and the Cost Control phases by providing personalized suggestions and prespective insights on Cost and Risk per BoQ/Cost Code.

For more information on ProjectVIEW BI, please contact:
Mr. Angelos Nomikos

O: +30 2104196609


Considering the disperse operations of the maritime industry, the different locations and time zones of our Client’s offices, the users requirements for system interaction as well as the cost of ownership in terms of the Commercial-of-The-Shelf software licensing such as: databases and OS and taking into account the principles of security, elasticity and accessibility we have re-designed our systems and processes into the Core, to perform the best, while utilizing tangible benefits of Cloud and Hybrid Computing topologies in order to meet our Client’s ongoing needs.

As Microsoft Partners, we use the latest Microsoft tehnologies, developing our software on MS Azure and continously testing requirements in terms of handling large files (drawings, images) using the MS Azure datacenters in UAE and Ireland. As such, we recommend  MS Azure for hosting of our main system’s MS SQL Database and our Site Applications. Our comprehensive offering extends to Disaster Recovery and File/Document Management services. 

For more infomation on our Cloud Commercial Strategy, please contact:
Mr. Christos Emmanouilidis

M: +971 502994045


DANAOS is involved into remote streaming data and processing for over 5 years, using sensors over different communication protocols and gathering -almost- realtime data from vessels and office operations in order to provide meaningful analytics in terms of: voyage and route optimization, fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions. Our research has shown that the key elements for communication in data-gathering and fuzzy logic algorithms rely mainly on each machinery’s specifics and the type of its operations and that most importantly that the human-factor is wrongfully ignored! 

ProjectVIEW Machinery Telematics addon is taking into consideration the scarcity of reliable data-connectivity, utilizing GPS-GPRS and Bluetooth technologies, harnessing operational data from machinery and providing meaningful usability analytics. Gathered information is related to each Operator and associated to each Construction equipment per BoQ/Cost Code. Collected data is further associated to our  Machinery Maintenance Module for preventive and corrective maintenance planning, optimization.

For more infomation on Telematics, please contact:
Mr. Andreas Anagnostou

M: +971 56 846 6556

Based on the principle of the Maritime Single Window (One-Stop-Shop), DanaosONE (d1) is an Enterprise Content Management Platform that can serve as a Corporate Portal (a Transaction Business System) for any Company, facilitating all transactions and data dissemination with intranet and extranet users. DanaosONE (d1) provides a control and standardized methodology –methodos for executing e-transactions and assures secure and seamless flow of data by enabling -on demand- electronic micro services that ‘bridge’ systems and processes without requiring storing of data in third-party systems, outside of the systems in transaction.

danaos1 projectview e-purchasing schema

d1 has been utilized in  e-Procurement and e-Auctioning, part of the ProjectVIEW ERP Procurement Module. A company is uploading and sending RFQs to certified or new Suppliers and Subcontractors and collects electronic Quotations, while ensuring speed, accuracy, compliance and transparency. ProjectVIEW ERP maintains a company-wide electronic repository for all extranet users, building-up a Single Source Of Truth (SSOT) for materials’ codes, contracts, suppliers and BoQs whlist lowering the cost of purchases.

For more infomation on e-Procurement, please contact:
Mr. Angelos Nomikos

O: +30 2104196609


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Global Leadership Team

Aligned with DANAOS quality (ISO 9001) procedures, DANAOS Projects Executive Leadership team is committed to maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics, which we believe is essential for sustained success and long-term shareholder value.

Dimitrios (Dimitris) Theodosiou

Managing Director

Eng. Dimitrios Theodosiou (Dimitris) is the co-founder, Managing Director and a member of the board of directors for both DANAOS Projects and DANAOS Management Consultants S.A.

Back in 1986, together with Dr. John Coustas, have conceptualized and founded DANAOS Management Consultants, initially, as the technology branch of DANAOS Shipping which was then quickly evolved to the tech giant that leads-by-example the Maritime domain, globally. Pioneers, technocrats and innovators within the Maritime and Engineering Operations have acknowledged that technology and industry-specific knowhow are equally essential constituents for effective Enterprise Software.

Mr. Theodosiou graduated as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer from National Technical University of Athens and holds an MSc with distinction in Marine Engineering from the University of London. He has also done postgraduate studies in Computer Science and Industrial Marketing.

As the Managing Director of DANAOS Management Consultants, has managed several composite maritime projects and has been internationally acknowledged as the Franz Edelman’s Award finalist, ORISMA and the WAVES Lloyd’s Big Data Awarded, winner.

Georgios (George) Tsolakis

Chief Product Architect

Mr. Georgios Tsolakis (George) is the architect and main developer of ProjectVIEW ERP and a subject-matter expert in engineering economics, in construction financial management and cost management.

Thirty years ago, he had the salient idea of designing a comprehensive ERP system for Construction-only. By working closely with large Contractors, he recognized the need of launching an expert ERP Platform as a mission-critical construction application. George, has conceptualized, architected, designed and lead the development of ProjectVIEW ERP. A unique offering to the Construction Industry of an expert Cost Control and Construction Management solution for efficiently executing engineering works.

For the implementation of ProjectVIEW ERP in the ‘Gefyra’ Project, ProjectVIEW ERP has been awarded the highest distinction as the best Cost Control system from VINCI Construction Grand Projects (the no.1 Construction company globally and a Client of DANAOS Projects for more than 20 years).

George has a BSc. in Financial Economics and a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Athens and the University of Piraeus, in Greece, respectively. He is an expert in engineering economics, project financials and cost accounting as well as a superior business analyst and programmer in terms of mapping and optimizing interdepartmental business process with user’s roles and company policies aligned to any construction company’s strategy, setting goals that lead to success.

As a functional leader, George is DANAOS lead in ProjectVIEW ERP Business Analysis, Advisory services, Consulting, Implementation and Support.

Christos Emmanouilidis

Chief Customer and Commercial Officer

Eng. Christos Emmanouilidis (Christos) is the Chief Customer and Commercial Officer for all DANAOS Technology Enterprises, including DANAOS Management Consultants, DANAOS Peripherals and DANAOS Projects Software Solutions.

Christos is leading Group’s sales strategy for all revenue generation processes, aligning team execution with corporate objectives and ensuring Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

As a multidimensional executive with a diverse academic and professional background in four continents, Christos brings to DANAOS, 25+ years of customer-facing and go-to-market leadership expertise from International Sales and Operations, Construction, Project Management and Marketing.

During his tenure with SGI and Jacobs, he held construction leadership roles as a Lead Engineer in several civil works projects in Greece (Athens Ring-Road, Athens 2004 venues, Athens International Airport). Being an early technology adopter and an advocate of the use of technology with industry-specific expertise, he shifted his career, into sales, business development and marketing being an entrepreneur and C-level executive for international software technology providers.

Christos, is a Certified Construction Manager (CCM) from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Oracle Certified Primavera specialist, ISO Certified Auditor, he is a graduate of Western Kentucky University (WKU), Ogden College of Science & Engineering (SEAS) and holds an MSc. in Engineering of Geomaterials from Queen Mary University of London, School of Engineering and Materials Science (SEMS) with emphasis on Cement and Concrete engineering.

Vassileios (Bill) Sakorafas

Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

Eng. Vassileios Sakorafas (Bill) has an MSc. in Computer Science from the University of Thessaly in Greece and an MEng. in Computer Engineering from the University of Patras.

Bill has more than 15 years of experience in designing and developing enterprise business applications and as the CTO of DANAOS Projects is in charge of the continuous development and enhancement of ProjectVIEW ERP and all other DANAOS Projects Software Solutions.

Bill makes all executive decisions concerning the technological interests of DANAOS Projects, being responsible for outlining the company’s technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company’s business needs. He is in charge of all DANAOS Projects software programmers and system administrators giving emphasis and providing his expertise in native cloud technologies, mobile apps, systems security, data integrity and systems integration.

As the Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Bill is an executive in charge of DANAOS Cloud computing services.

Fotios (Fotis)

Director, Project Management Office (PMO)

Mr. Fotios Oikonomou (Fotis) is the Director of our Project Management Office (PMO). DANAOS Projects PMO attains a supportive character with Fotis being in charge of administering contractual obligations and assuring project governance among DANAOS and Clients Teams for all ProjectVIEW and VORTEX implementations.

Fotis assures projects’ success by constantly evaluating and weighing set requirements and realistic expectations whilst managing projects budget, deadlines and deliverables.

Fotis is also engaged in operational Research activity at DANAOS Research Center (DrC) focusing on fields of Energy Efficiency, Human Resources Planning, Communication, Operation Research, Information and Management science. Author of several papers and an active participant in Research Programs funded by E.U.

Fotis holds a BSc. in Economics and Regional Development from Panteion University, in Greece and an MSc. in Urban, Port and Transport Economics from Erasmus University in Nederland and has over 15 years of experience in Project Management, Logistics, Economics and Operational Research.

Mr. Fotios Oikonomou is DANAOS Solutions ambassador and a Technology evangelist.


Senior PM – ProjectVIEW ERP Business Head

Mrs. Vassiliki Gerontzou holds a graduate degree in Geology and Geoenvironment from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and has 20 years of experience in installation, configuration and support of ERP systems for large Enterprises with extensive experience as a business leader specializing in consulting, operations and project implementations

Vassiliki’s experience includes ERP installations for diverse industries including Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Banking, Services and Cultural Organizations.

As a Senior Project Manager and Head of the ProjectVIEW ERP Business Unit, Vassiliki analyzes the Client’s needs, collects the requirements, and is responsible for managing day-to-day business unit operations and the proper implementation of the works. Vassiliki also works closely with the project stakeholders to assess the existing business flows, create the “to-be” business processes, and assists in the smooth transition from the former to the latter.

Vassiliki, is fluent in English and is an expert-level Trainer and Consultant on ProjectVIEW ERP.

Dimitrios (Dimitris) Georgakopoulos

Senior Data Architect

Mr. Dimitrios Georgakopoulos (Dimitris) is a Senior Engineer, specializing in Database Administration, Quality Testing and Applications Performance Optimization.

He brings over 30 years of technical experience from relational databases and he is an expert both in MS SQL and Oracle DB. Within the framework of his work, Dimitris is performing data wrangling using Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) complex jobs, applying multi-parametric algorithms and aligning business process requirements.

Dimitris’s duties extend to assuring data integrity and compliance by replicating environments of data lakes, simulating and optimizing business operations.

Photo of Elisavet Pantelaki DANAOS


Business Lead

Ms. Elisavet Pantelaki holds a graduate degree in Economics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Elisavet is responsible for all aspects of a project, from project Initiation to project closing, while defining the scope, the key objectives and the deliverables of the project on hand. Furthermore, Elisavet identifies key stakeholders, their shared expectations and goals necessary to move the project to the next phase.

Elisavet also handles the formation of an integrated project plan based on scope, team members, timelines, and deliverables. Moreover, Elisavet insures or safeguards project’s constant success by demonstrating a variety of soft and technical skills, necessary to resolve or overpass any ‘’group dynamics’’.

Last but not least, Elisavet is also responsible for both ProjectVIEW and Vortex Support and Training.

Konstantinos (Kostas) Balaskas

Business Lead

Eng. Konstantinos Balaskas (Kostas) holds a graduate degree in mechanical engineering with many years of experience in the construction field.

Kostas is a certified 2D / 3D designer for CAD and CAM Systems and has a deep knowledge of SQL Databases and ERP Operation Systems.

Furthermore, Kostas is responsible for the proper func of the application and the implementation of ProjectVIEW ERP Projects. Kostas is also responsible for all aspects of a project, from project initiation to project closing, while defining the scope, the key objectives and the deliverables of the project on hand.

Last but not least, Kostas oversees all ProjectVIEW Support and Training.


Sales & Marketing

Mr. Angelos Nomikos is an experienced Sales & Marketing Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Angelos is skilled in Channel Sales, Marketing Strategies, Analytical Skills, Office Administration and Business Development.

DANAOS Projects Organizational Structure

We are structured as a balanced-matrix Organization taking into consideration environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects for all stakeholders. Based on this governance model and with a Customer-First mindset, We are serving our Customers around the globe, efficiently  


A fusion of industry-specific knowhow and innovation, Committed to Excellence


We have more than 300 employees more than half of which are involved in software development. We always work closely with our Clients, understanding their needs and providing immediate answers even to the most challenging requests whilst enriching our Software with new features from the best practices of top companies, around the world.


DANAOS is an Innovator and a Doer! As institutional investors for several tech endeavors, We have the strategy of operating long-term, able to see through cycles, spotting on the structural story and not on the short term of quarters in and out. Spending more than 2M Euros per year, we are second to none when it comes to R&D within our industries.


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