The new website is here! and all redirect to www.danaos-projects. We also launched for our new product DANAOS VORTEX.

In the age of digital, we designed our website with the concept of Mobile-First aiming to inform visitors simply and effectively, everywhere.

We use one-page functionality for each and every menu page, avoiding splitting content into different sections and we facilitate easy search and content retrieval.

We also provide quick and effective means for texting and calling us.

Many Thanks to all DANAOS team!

Regardless of their business role and workload, they all went the extra mile to curate and enhance the content of our website.

John Magdalinos’s special knowledge and skills in Adobe and Autodesk software was invaluable in designing and re-drawing screenshots and schematics. 

Special Credits to our CTO, Bill Sakorafas for taking the time and effort to personally coordinate the web marketing team and to look into all technical aspects making all the necessary adjustments and enriching WordPress platform with extra functionalities

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