We Guarantee
Immediate Results and Customer Lifetime Satisfaction

Attaining a broad knowledge within our industries – Construction and FSM – and leveraging on cutting-edge technology and strong R&D, we propel growth and increase operational efficiency, deploying  Our Software as Your Solution, customized within few months and supported throughout lifetime


We do what a Client wants us to do! We overdeliver, customizing our feature-rich, Modifiable of-the-Shelf Software and we bundle it with the best-of-breed of our Services so that Our Software can become Your Solution


Utilizing 20+ year’s of experience we bring global best practices of adopting ProjectVIEW ERP and VORTEX in large international organizations


We guarantee users’ engagement and operational excellence by providing continuous and effective hands-on training


One Size Doesn’t Fit All. We configure and customize ProjectVIEW ERP and VORTEX to ensure that our Software is your Solution!


Establishing from the beginning and maintaining throughout our Software’s lifecycle a direct relationship and support with our Clients

Advisory/Consulting and Managed Services

We employ engineers, scientists and professionals that bring deep, functional expertise and have a multiplier effect in providing consulting and advisory services along with the utilization of our software. As experts-in-action, we follow a process-based approach enabling the entire business to understand how inputs are converted to deliverables. Our stalwart consultants will help you transform your operations and embrace innovation, holistically, connecting: Our Software Features to Your Activities, Your Activities to Strategy and Strategy to Best Practices, creating the greatest value.

Customizations – Adaptation Services

An ERP system is the digital foundation for any company. It’s a mission-critical system that should encompass both knowledge of your business-specifics as well as localization to the market and geographies that it operates. We lead by example and we become better and better everyday, adding value to our system by performing challenging customizations based on user change requests, turning Our Software to Your Solution.

Product Training – Certifications

We provide the required hands-on training and knowledge-transfer, alleviating the burden from users’ daily workload while encouraging utilization of our software. We create the necessary trust to operate efficienlty using our software. We assure a fault-tolerant environment that keeps your software functioning at any given time according to the attached training plans and continuous training programs.

Support – Customer Success

Customer Support is what really differentiates us! Ensuring customer satisfaction and utilizing internationally recognized best practices and methodologies, our Client Support team builds and maintains strong, long-term relationships with Customer Lifetime Value (LTV), abiding and embracing corporate accountability towards the vision of delivering unparalleled Quality of Service. 

Source Code Escrow

As the Vendor of ProjectVIEW ERP and Licensor of DANAOS VORTEX software, we provide lifetime warranty, assured with the deposit of our software source code to a third-party escrow account, ensuring maintenance of the software and alleviating the possibility of orphaning. 


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