As the No. 1 maritime software solutions provider, DANAOS addresses the full spectrum of operations of Ship Ownership and Management including Naval and Marine Engineering, Shipbuilding, Retrofitting, Ship Fit-Out, Ship Repair Services and Newbuilding Supervision.

Either as a Shipowner or as a Shipbuilder/Shipyard our Software provides full visibility and control during the ship building manufacturing or corrective maintenance processes of a vessel, reference to cost control, compliance with the specifications and scheduled progress, assuring quality of the as-built asset and successful marine project management.

Our software also covers expedient mechanical and marine services in ship-repairing, executed by expert workshops, assessing initial cost of works and facilitating tracking of spares as well as optimizing execution of the daily tasks, allowing yard supervisors to monitor technicians and costs.

Transform your traditional Shipyard operation into a Digital Shipbuilding Enterprise with ProjectVIEW ERP.

Fully tailored to your exact specs, integrated with any third-party system and tightly coupled with Primavera and any BIM system, ProjectVIEW ERP Controls Costs, Manages Progress and Attenuates the Risk throughout the Lifecycle Process of Shipbuilding.

Intended mainly for Dockyards, VORTEX Suite is a powerful and innovative Ship Maintenance System that assures Control and Compliance for the preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance plans.

VORTEX Suite can facilitate the overall serviceability of your Vessel with visibility and awareness of the current and upcoming works since it can be further integrated with any PMS and Dry-Docking System.

Towards the digital transformation journey for the Shipyards and Dockyards Industries, DANAOS embarks ProjectVIEW ERP and VORTEX Suite bundling the best-of-breed in Construction, Project & Manufacturing Management along with Field Service and Site Operations. DANAOS Offering is a centralized platform that digitizes processes and securely engages users in order to collect data and provide meaningful information and content to context.

More specifically, ProjectVIEW ERP utilizes the design specifications of the vessel as the baseline for the creation of the budget by associating Labor, Materials, Machinery, Subcontractors and other expenses. During the execution of the works ProjectVIEW ERP captures the daily progress of works by integrating BoQs with Work Breakdown Activities in order to provide clarity, visibility and control on Actual-vs-Budgeted Cost and progress.

VORTEX Suite, as a Field Service and Assets Maintenance Management System, facilitates the daily dispatching of the field workers along with the Work Orders as originated from preventive and corrective maintenance contracts and the expedient marine remedial works.

DANAOS value-added proposition on Shipyards and Dockyards inherits the long established expertise of the Construction and Maritime industries and integrates subject matter experts’ services in Project Management, Value Engineering, Cost Control, Naval & Marine Engineering and Construction Management under one hood.

HELMEPA is the Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association; the pioneering voluntary commitment of Greek seafarers and ship owners to safeguard the seas from ship-generated pollution, undertaken in Piraeus, on June 4, 1982. Under the motto “To Save the Seas”, they have consistently supported their initiative to date.

We are delighted to collaborate with DANAOS Projects, our long-standing HELMEPA Member, a shipping leader and a pioneer in maritime software development. Your professional and knowledgeable team has greatly assisted us to navigate in the digital transition, and we highly appreciate your bespoke and solution-focus approach, in order to meet our specific needs and upgrade our operations via VORTEX.
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