The fact

One of the common misconceptions when it comes to Business ERP is that

one size fits all!

The truth of the matter is that ERP moguls such as SAP, Oracle even Infor, MS Dynamics and SAGE are mainly appreciated from an established track record in IT installations followed by an extensive network of local support partners. They all offer a range of tools starting from finance, to procurement, to manufacturing all the way to enterprise performance management. These ERP systems have a long time-to-market period as they require extensive customization services in order to fit specific business types and logic.

For industries such as manufacturing, energy, banking, transportation, hospitality and government where IT governance and industry trends are aligned and mostly globalized, these ERP prevail. Depending also on the size of business and the internal IT transformation roadmaps, companies vary their preferences, selecting different ERP for different flavors.

How about Construction?

There are, however, industries, such as: Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) where processes and business interactions are so unique that … One-Size-Does-Not-Fit-All and where systems such as SAP or ORACLE are: ‘an elephant in the room’. The initial investment in money, IT infrastructure and people are always a draw-back for switching to anything different and the most common solution is to enhance business-specific functionality via separate applications as add-ons.  

Over the last 20 years, we have witnessed hundreds of cases of unsuccessful ERP implementations where decisions for ERP systems were mainly made, not by the business-key players but rather from Accounting and IT.

This is a great mistake! IT, Purchasing, HR and Accounting are not primary business functions and should not be treated as such, except if the business itself is of such nature.  Key decision-makers should be users that are managing the day-to-day works.

Having said that Engineering and Construction need software that ‘understands’ Bidding, Planning, Designing, Materials Procurement, Machinery Monitoring, Site Labor Management and Project Execution and ‘speaks’ the exact language of all stakeholders, simply and effectively.

That is exactly what DANAOS Projects, ProjectView ERP is!

A system that has been designed and built, ground up, by engineering and construction professionals to meet the specific needs of their daily work, fully supported in Middle East, SE Europe and Africa and endorsed by the No. 1 Construction Company in the world: VINCI.

ProjectView ERP is a Cost Control and Construction Management Solution that is seamlessly integrated with Oracle Primavera, providing a holistic, 360 degrees view, of Cost-Time-Resources by comparing the Budgeted vs Actual Progress of Works and by bridging Site Personnel and Office users. The only system where Accounting and Construction speak under the same terms and where collaboration and knowledge diffusion is the underlying layer for all daily works.

ProjectVIEW ERP is:

→    A Construction-Specific ERP supported by certified construction managers, planners and engineering economists (English and Arab speakers) that can setup, train and deliver ProjectView ERP within 4-6 months, tops.

→    A system that maps your company’s departmental users and roles with specific modules such as:

  • Tendering/Bidding
  • Quantity Take Off (measuring PDFs, Drawings and Pictures)
  • Budgeting
  • Materials Procurement
  • Machinery Management
  • Labor Productivity
  • Subcontractors
  • Costing (Direct and Indirect)
  • Quality and HSE record keeping
  • Primavera Scheduling
  • Site Control
  • Projects Performance Management

→    A system that uses databanks and e-tendering for materials’ cost comparison and enhanced transparency, suggesting the ‘best’ supplier and avoiding local cartel situations

→    A system that has an AI module for bidding optimization, using advanced analytics and big data algorithms, per region, per market and per type of project

→    A system that benchmarks your budgeted costs and schedule and compares real-time progress of works and exploitation of resources.

→    A system that associates qualitative (record keeping) and quantitative (cost centered) attributes to each deliverable, expediting the Payment Certificate procedures and fine tunning the payments to suppliers and subcontractors (cash flow).    

ProjectVIEW is not another ERP as SAP or Oracle, is a construction-centric ERP solution that will cover 100% all the aspects of your works, allowing more proposal submissions, more wins and optimized construction management.

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