ProjectVIEW Procurement

For Contractors and Project-based Companies

Minimize the Risk

With  ProjectVIEW ERP Procurement you can assess & attenuate the risk during pre-Construction and secure the budgeted cost during Construction.

Streamline Works

Streamline the overall operations integrated in the Supply Chain Management and Logistics process through  ProjectVIEW ERP Procurement.


Eliminate waste from the entire construction process and deliver greater value to clients with ProjectVIEW ERP Project-based Procurement.

Get Control by starting from the Site Item Request (SIR) and reference to Project’s budget (Baseline).

Procurement starts from tendering

Through  ProjectVIEW ERP Project-based Procurement, you can start from the Tendering stage where you elicit bulk quotations from suppliers and subcontractors in order to setup your budget and even compare/decide between “buy” or “make”.

units of measurement

Convert and associate different units of measurement from Quotation to Sourcing and Delivery with ProjectVIEW ERP Project-based Procurement.

economy of scale

Through  ProjectVIEW ERP Project-based Procurement, you can consolidate similar items and services from the one or more projects in order to achieve Economy of Scale and avoid erroneous quotations from the potential Suppliers and Subcos.


Procured items are associated to BoQ Code Lines and QTOs in order to accommodate the Specs and the measured Quantities. Procured items are associated to WBS Activitiesin order to further speculate for time restrictions and delivery periods.

compliance & tranSparency

Facilitate negotiations and transparency via e-Auctions between selected Suppliers with ProjectVIEW ERP Project-based Procurement. Get recommendations on the best-fit Supplier/Subcontractor based on Cost, Terms and other qualitative criteria.

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