The hybrid nature of Offshore and Marine operations (construction and marine engineering) require industry-specific Software Solutions, providing immediate value in the complex nature of all processes, site and office, ashore and onboard.

DANAOS is the only company that can provide Cross-Industry expertise (Construction and Maritime) composing specific Stacks of Applications as solutions to any operational challenge.

Complemented by maritime-specific apps such as: ISM, PMS, Crew Management, Shipmanagement and Risk Management, DANAOS is the only company that can provide Cross-Industry expertise (Construction and Maritime) composing specific Stacks of Applications as solutions to any operational challenge.

Leading the Maritime and Construction Digital Transformation with more than 650 Clients (20 of which listed in NYSE), 6500 vessels and more than 1000 sites globally, DANAOS Software Solutions address challenges in Shipping Operations, Offshore Engineering, Shipbuilding, Oil and Gas and Marine Construction by combining the best-of-breed applications from Cost Control, Construction Management, Project Management, Field Service Management and Maritime.

Starting from the early project initiation and the Tendering/Bidding process and following the setup of the Project Budget (BoQ, WBS, Cost Codes), DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP facilitates all your construction and project-based processes in terms of procurement, subcontractors management, materials supply chain, warehouse management, plant maintenance management, site/field operations, accounting and reporting in order to enhance and assure: cost control, productivity, machine utilization, transparency and compliance.

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