DANAOS Projects Software Solutions (DANAOS), the global developer of the award winning, next-gen Cost & Construction Management ERP System ProjectVIEW, has been awarded the digital transformation project for the Construction Procurement & Purchasing purposes of the leading European construction company TERNA.

The launching of ProjectVIEW ERP in TERNA shall provide:
 Τhe biggest possible automation starting from Site Item Request (SIR) and triggering the purchase requisition process.
 Consolidation of items (materials, services) on-demand and sourcing via TERNA’s certified supplier’s network.

 Electronic Request for information, quotations and proposals, along with automatic comparison of submitted proposals and system recommendation of the best-fit supplier.

— e-Auctioning and price negotiation

— Contract management automation

Mr. Christos Emmanouilidis, Chief Commercial Officer of DANAOS stated:
“We are proud of the trust and support that TERNA has shown in the technology and services of DANAOS and we are certain that with the daily use of ProjectVIEW Procurement Module, TERNA will achieve economies of scale, automated comparison between make or buy and just-In-time Procurement while speeding up the delivery time and reducing materials and subcontractor’s cost. ProjectVIEW e-Procurement will optimize the procurement process end-to-end and facilitate agility in Construction under the concept of Lean Construction.”

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