Manage your Mining’s operations, control costs and increase site and office efficiency with DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP. One mining-specific enterprise suite to achieve machinery utilization, increase labor productivity and control cost overruns

Throughout the project, regular monitoring and control are necessary. ProjectVIEW ERP monitors key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress against the schedule and budget. Any deviations from the plan are identified promptly with warnings, alerts and specialized dashboards assisting in the decision making process.

Similarly to mega-construction projects each mining project is unique, requiring close monitoring of works on site and office in order to assure high production yield. Project management for mining operations, involves setting and monitoring time and cost targets by closely monitoring procurement, plant maintenance and labor productivity against the initially set baseline.

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Construction and Mining runs on DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP. A modular Construction and Mining ERP available on-Cloud or on-Premise.

Navigate complex and evolving statutory regulations, labor productivity and machinery utilisation. Maximize operational efficiency, from excavation to processing. Control supply chain and logistics. Progress seen from the lens of Cost, integrating BoQ – WBS – Cost Codes


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