The process of estimation and tendering in both tedious and very complex. Let’s see how ProjectVIEW ERP modules can assist estimators and planners in simplifying this process and how our Modules can betterment estimations accuracy and increase execution/submission times while increasing your possibilities to win a bid.

In the schematic above we can see the concept of 5D in construction, as 3D specs are associated with Duration and Cost. More specifically the axes of the schematic are defined as:

X: Duration – Y: Cost – Z: Specs in 3D, if for BIM

  1. Assuming that our specs are in an .xls format, we can use ProjectVIEW import .xls wizard to insert BoQs Code Items within our software, in a well-structured format.
  2. Alternatively, if we have a BIM file via the .ifc we can achieve the same result by linking ProjectVIEW with the BIM and extracting the BoQ Code Items.
  3. Estimation process requires to cost of the BoQ Code Items by associating the appropriate assembly of Resources (materials, labor, machinery, subcos and general expenses).
  4. During this time consuming and tedious exercise, ProjectVIEW eases out the process by suggesting the appropriate assembly of resources based on the type of the BoQ Code Item and allowing fine-tuning of the quantity by the estimator.
  5. Costs can then derive either from the historical database of the Procurement/Purchasing module or by executing a new Purchase process.
  6. At this stage, the ProjectVIEW Procurement module kicks in and creates consolidated RFQsm gathering quantities from all similar items and sends them to certified Supplies for Quotation.
  7. Similarly to Purchasing, Procurement consolidates all BoQ Code Items line-by-line that belong to the same SubCo Package and creates another RFQ send to the certified SubCos.
  8. Estimation and Purchasing work in harmony, orchestrating and strategizing on the best prices for the Company’s Bid as they can compare: Product vs Materials Costs and vs Subcontractors (time and material).
  9. In the end, ProjectVIEW Core’s mechanism What-if Analysis provides the necessary global insides and allows the Tendering Manager to scrutinize numbers and costs while applying the necessary Overheads, Risks and Profit factors.
  10. The end Bid derived after saving different Bid-versions and upon deciding on submission, ProjectVIEW will ‘return’ all cost to the original .xls file to submit.

Based on the above flow ProjectVIEW ERP allows fast and accurate Bids. Bids that WIN profitable projects.

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