What if you could transform every email, document and file into corporate knowledge?

DANAOS INFOGATE is more than an email and document management application. It is a holistic approach to paperless office

Cloud-based MIS

DANAOS INFOGATE provides companies with a unified approach to incoming & outgoing documentation, where all files, folders and information — regardless of format (digital, multimedia, paper) or location — are brought under a single set of policies, procedures, and management scrutiny, digitally distributed via a unified email / case management system, securely accessible by users based on their role & credentials

DANAOS INFOGATE constitutes a set of integrated features that mitigate the “paper footprint” by re-aligning and digitizing business processes and turning raw data into useful information to optimize “business knowledge.”

DANAOS INFOGATE is powered by a synchronous team collaboration engine, a versatile search/find tool, a dynamic workflow logic and an adaptive case management system that digitizes all documents, processes & emails

DANAOS INFOGATE keeps corporate data continuously online without the need for archiving, allowing users to access any piece of information using either their Web browser or mobile phone. Users are able to securely access corporate info, anytime

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