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We are LOUD & PROUD for our Company and PASSIONATE for our Products and the RESULTS that bring to our Clients. DANAOS Blog is a knowledge base -a manifest- of Articles, News and Whitepapers that propagates our enthusiasm and reveals how do we perceive technology within the industries we operate.

East Delta Saudi Co. inks a subscription contract and shakes hands with DANAOS Projects Software Solutions, extending a well-established partnership […]
Construction Estimating is a complex and cumbersome process that requires the loading of resources’ costs to BoQ Code lines. This […]
Green Terra Technical Services, an energy management and solutions company with expertise in Lighting solutions, Water pumping solutions, HVAC solutions, […]
With the dawn of the New Year, it is with great pleasure to celebrate the launching of DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP […]
We have more than 300 employees more than half of which are involved in software development. We always work closely […]
DANAOS Projects participates: Register for Free: https://www.thebig5.ae/thebig5digitalfestival/danaos
Eng. Christos Emmanouilidis shares his thoughts on the PropTech recent technology trends on: “How to streamline your maintenance: achieving proactive […]
Construction Technology (ConTech) is turning into a ‘supermarket’ of standalone apps, each addresses one-two Construction challenges: Labor productivity, field (site) […]
DANAOS Projects has signed a Strategic Alliance Agreement with DRONE PROS a drone services company that specializes in inspections, construction […]
Eng. Christos Emmanouilidis and Mr. George Kouris tackle the challenges of Construction and Assets Maintenance Management, focusing on Cost and […]
About Geomaterials Geomaterials are structural elements that are used in construction, meaning that their mechanical characteristics (elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, […]
Cooling Funoon, a specialized technical institution in the installation and maintenance of all types of air conditioners, cold rooms, has […]
TopicLife cycle costing of the contech and proptech value chain under the principle of unified engineering Description• Cost control and […]
DANAOS Projects Software Solutions, ProjectVIEW EPR and DANAOS VORTEX were showcased on the IRF April 2020 Newsletter Established in 1948, […]
SAUDICO launches operations on the DANAOS Projects next-generation cloud platform. Utilizing the latest cloud technology of MSFT Azure Cloud, DANAOS […]

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