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We are proud for our products and passionate for the results that bring to our Clients. DANAOS Blog is a knowledge base -a manifest- of Articles, News and Whitepapers that propagates our enthusiasm and reveals how do we perceive technology within the industries we operate.

Between 8 – 11 March 2020, DANAOS Projects will participate in Big5 Jeddah at Jeddah Centre For Forums & Events
Technicians on the field, Site officers, Engineers, Inspectors, etc. require assistance and expert advice. Our solutions encourage collaboration between office […]
Starting today 18/12/2019, we are excited to announce that in addition to our newly launched website, we are also launching […]
Check out photos and videos from our participation at the Big5 Dubai 2019. Thank you all for coming!
Industrialize Construction for Value Engineering
Photos of Eng. Christos Emmanouilidis speech at Big 5 Dubai . Presentation on ProjectVIEW ERP as the foundation for every […]
Mr. Christos Emmanouilidis, CCO of DANAOS Projects will speak on the need for industrialization in construction to achieve value engineering […]
ERP systems explained. Projectview in plaing english
ERP systems are a bundle (a set of modules) of integrated applications that address the main spectrum of a company’s […]
The process of estimation and tendering in both tedious and very complex. Let’s see how ProjectVIEW ERP modules can assist […]
Don’t miss this year’s Big 5 Dubai! DANAOS Projects is delighted to announce that it will be exhibiting at the […]
The new website www.danaos-projects.com is here! www.danaos.ae and www.projectviewerp.com all redirect to www.danaos-projects. We also launched www.danaos-vortex.ae for our new […]
We are excited to announce today a major new upgrade for our flagship product ProjectVIEW ERP. Our new ProjectVIEW ERP […]
Saudi Constructioneers Ltd (Saudico) was founded in Riyadh in 1972. Since then, it has gradually increased its capabilities and expertise […]
Established in 1989, ASGC is a vertically integrated construction group that is best known for delivering turn-key special projects in […]
DANAOS signs an exclusivity, white-label Agreement with Data Consulting for the FSM software VORTEX
This a collection of photos from another great event at Big5 Jeddah

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