Every institutional master plan requires a project selection process based on a matrix model management between: Projects: Infrastructure, Telecom, Energy, Defence, Agricultural Levels: National, State, Regional Beneficiaries: Citizens, SMBs, Enterprises, Proposed groups […]
Estimating BoQ costs with activities sequence and duration requires the right mix of resources; mainly deriving from speculated quantities and unclear tendering specifications. Concluding on a Final Price (Bidding) is […]
The fact One of the common misconceptions when it comes to Business ERP is that … one size fits all! The truth of the matter is that ERP moguls such […]
A common type of Project development, adopted several decades ago in Europe, is now coming to GCC (and the Middle East Market in General). In a recent article in “The National”, […]
Setting the Scene Infrastructure Construction Projects are large-scale Projects masterminded and executed with the objective to improve social living conditions, executed under EPC, BOT, PPP or any other similar Contract […]

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