Construction Technology (ConTech) is turning into a ‘supermarket’ of standalone apps, each addresses one-two Construction challenges: Labor productivity, field (site) collaboration, Reporting, Estimation, Bidding, BIM, Document Management, Collaboration, and the […]
Eng. Christos Emmanouilidis and Mr. George Kouris tackle the challenges of Construction and Assets Maintenance Management, focusing on Cost and Serviceability. They showcase ProjectVIEW ERP and VORTEX, DANAOS Value-Proposition for […]
About Geomaterials Geomaterials are structural elements that are used in construction, meaning that their mechanical characteristics (elasticity, tensile strength, elongation, hardness and fatigue limit) either as end-products (manufactured from earth […]
Construction, today, similarly to the Global economy comes to a HALT! From Oil & Gas, to Buildings and Infrastructure, capital projects in all sectors within Engineering & Construction (E&C) are […]
Questions: How can an ERP system assist projects that are executed as Public-Private-Partnerships? Why does a centralized system is required to control and manage works in PPP projects, more than […]
Technicians on the field, Site officers, Engineers, Inspectors, etc. require assistance and expert advice. Our solutions encourage collaboration between office and field, assuring that data is turned into knowledge, seamlessly […]

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