Technicians on the field, Site officers, Engineers, Inspectors, etc. require assistance and expert advice. Our solutions encourage collaboration between office and field, assuring that data is turned into knowledge, seamlessly shared between each project’s stakeholders, securely.

Enhanced with the latest AR technologies our applications can now provide assistance in real-time to anybody seeking expert advice, on-demand.

DanaosONE and AR

Driven by the need to bring Crew onboard closer to Land ashore (Crew Welfare) and to enrich the provision of immediate video communication (imminent service) between parties that require a service from one side and experts delivering this service, from the other, DANAOS R&D has recently launched a new AR ecosystem of applications that can be delivered independently via DanaosONE ( or fully integrated with any third-party application to enrich User Experience.

Using DANAOS AR technology, anyone seeking the assistance can now enable the phone camera to stream to another certified party, a video that is intelligently enhanced in order to assist in better understanding and to facilitate the provision of required services.

Utilizing DanaosONE technology, connected parties are able to go beyond communication and seek further administrative services such as: billing, document exchange or any other service that requires connectivity with a system or database.

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