Established in 1989, ASGC is a vertically integrated construction group that is best known for delivering turn-key special projects in the UAE. The company owns the majority of its supply chain and utilizes mostly in-house resources, giving it a high degree of control over project quality and timely delivery.

Challenge: Increase the speed of setting up Proposals and validate with accuracy QTO, Costs, Overheads, Risk and Profit deriving from direct and indirect costs of resources and job tasks. Get competitive quotations from Suppliers and Subcontractors and avoid the hassle of evaluation and cost injection into the BoQ Costs. Organize Materials coding, Labor Specialties, Machinery Types, Subcontractors and Suppliers Categories and indirect costs, setting up a Single Source of Truth for all ASGC divisions.

Solution: Upon thoroughly examining different systems including the inhouse Oracle ERP system as a solution to facilitate the above challenges, ASGC has selected DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP.

As a modern modular ERP suite, DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP is structured in a way that each Module is aligned with features and functionalities of all typical Construction companies’ departments and processes. More specifically Tendering and Materials Modules along with e-Purchasing and e-Auctioning apps were setup and customized to the exact Client’s specs. DANAOS professional staff provided hands-on training, support and consulting ensuring full utilization of the system from ASGC staff.

Over the last 2 months, ASGC is LIVE with DANAOS ProjectVIEW ERP and is currently evaluating other modules for all ASGC Construction operations.     

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